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So about The Rant


You can’t win, Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

— Obi Wan Kenobi

So, the Rant hasn’t been on the air for a couple weeks. Here’s why:

The last time we were on the air, we talked about Mike Stone, one of our representatives in the General Assembly, and local bills he introduced that drastically change the way local elections are conducted. We also posted a blog entry about the same topic. It was a discussion about a local topic that received lots of other press from actual media outlets, and our small town talk show wasn’t any harsher in our assessment of the legislation than anyone else.

Two days later, we received notice that The Rant had been suspended from WDCC 90.5 FM — which is run by CCCC — while the school’s board of trustees review their radio policy thanks to a complaint from the office of the aforementioned Mike Stone.

Thanks, Mike.

WDCC has been home to The Rant since we started in 2008 (not including a one-year hiatus) and we’re truly thankful that CCCC allowed us the time to come on the air and talk about the news, support and promote local events, interview “local celebrities,” ask questions of political candidates and office holders, take fake phone calls, and get silly.

We’ve decided to part ways with CCCC so that anything we might talk about in the future will not put the school in an awkward position with anyone at any level of government. We have too much respect for the college and too many longstanding relationships with people there to want anything else. This decision was ours and we made it immediately after the suspension.

We haven’t said anything yet because we’ve been working on figuring out a way to continue the show as an independent podcast. We plan to do so and will let you know how to download us very soon. We hope our small but devoted group of listeners will stay with us.

The Rant is just a hobby, but it’s one we enjoy. We like talking about the news, talking about movies, talking about what’s on our minds and goofing off. But we also like to think we provided some kind of service, even if it was just a little information and insight about what’s happening in our little community.

It appears we upset the wrong person, though. Nothing we said or wrote was inaccurate or offensive. It’s far from the most controversial subject we’ve touched on. We’ve even heard from friends who in disagreeing with our take said it was fair, well-researched and well-presented. That such a topic would draw the ire of a sitting legislator, if that is what happened, is puzzling at best.

But we’re glad to announce that we’re not dead and are continuing as a podcast – two thirds of us anyway. Jonathan has decided that work and family commitments (Jon’s a daddy!) are keeping him too busy to commit time each week to the show. We hope to have him on or call in from time to time to add his Moore County mystique and rustic patois to our podcast.

As for Billy and Gordon, we should be back within a week. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for details on when and how to tune in.

Good job, Kevin.

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